Protein shakes are well known among bodybuilders, Cross Fitters, and athletes all over the world. They’re an easy and quick source of protein, causing them to be ideal for those people who are trying to boost their pre-workout stamina, struggling to restore through a tough workout, or provide their body using the nutrients needed in post-workout.

But just how can protein shakes assist you build muscle? Simple: you’ll need to get easily processed and absorbed protein!

There are numerous sources of protein on this planet, one of the most popular is beef. When you consume a juicy steak, you are consuming a lot of protein, but a lot of fat in addition to. Your body will take time to break down body fat and protein to be able to absorb it, so the nutrients doesn’t reach the muscles for a while after eating.


With protein shakes, alternatively, you may get fast-acting proteins (whey protein concentrate) which are easily distributed around your body with virtually no wait time. You can also find proteins which might be absorbed slowly into your system, providing you with a steady method of getting amino acids overnight or every day. That is one of many advantages of using protein shakes to construct muscle: it is possible to select the style of protein you wish.

Everyone recognizes that protein should be used for the creation of muscles. The amino acids consume are used to produce ATP energy (the only real energy your muscle mass can burn), hormones (for instance testosterone, which results in muscle growth), enzymes, and body’s defense mechanism components. But one’s body also needs protein as a way to repair the micro-damage which has been done to the muscle’s fibers on your workout. Thanks to the amino acids within the proteins you consume, your system can repair and expand your muscles fibers–increasing the vitality storage and thereby boosting strength, stamina, and endurance.

A pre-workout protein shake will give one’s body a quick influx of amino acids, that will then became ATP energy. When you hit the gym 60 to 90 minutes later, parts of your muscles will be all “powered up” and you will able to get through that workout.

A mid-workout protein shake is well suited for those who are doing workout more than 60 minutes. The body usually stores enough energy for 60 to 90 minutes in full-on exercise, but using a protein shake mid-workout can give you the force you need to power through and make working by using an intense work out.

A post-workout protein shake will give the body the nutrients it needs to repair the damage carried out to your muscle tissue, resulting in enhanced muscle growth as well as an increase in strength, stamina or endurance.

A pre-bed protein shake will give the body a steady availability of protein that will be used to repair your system overnight. Your body does the vast majority of its healing since you sleep, so drinking protein when it is bedtime is a good solution to ensure maximum body repair and growth.

As you may see, protein shakes are a good approach to get more protein to ensure that your system has every one of the amino acids it needs for serious muscle growth and improved all-around health.