Perhaps of all supplements you have ever discovered before, Creatine is among the most talked about and the most highly used. Why? Because it flat-out works, also it helps with fat gain.

It can really be a tough thing to say a weight or muscle-building supplement is proven to work but with the multitude of research that was performed for the substance, creatine appears to have come up smelling like roses. The fact is, creating occurs naturally by the body processes and is component of a process which enables you build muscle. Supplementing from it just increases that process. Here’s the ins and outs:

First off, creatine is usually a bi-product of any naturally occurring amino acid. Your body’s normal processes actually produce the reaction that forms creatine and it is also saved in your muscles. In addition, creatine can be found in meat and certain kinds of fish. Now, after you do something explosive, say running or weight training, one’s body needs energy. Enter ATP.

Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, or ATP is what your whole body uses for fuel for explosive movements. It releases the action by breaking apart and forming Adenosine Di-Phosphate or ADP. Once the ATP runs out, muscle tissues become fatigued and can’t work out any longer. you’ll realize a sense of fullness, where muscle tissue start to fail. So… you’ll need an additional method of obtaining ATP to keep the force flowing and keep the muscles working out longer so you will need more creatine.


Creatine is kept in your body as creatine phosphate… I think you understand where I am going here. ADP borrows a creatine phosphate to build ATP and there you have it! Instant energy! This process happens MUCH more quickly than if your whole body were to rely on the process of carbs and sugars wearing down to eventually create the force needed, so supplementing with creatine can quicken the process and invite you to workout longer and harder, therefore allowing one to build more muscle, and allowing one to gain more weight.


Ok, enough with all the science lesson. Here’s something to always keep in mind. Creatine is NOT a steroid. It will not allow you to be huge even though you started drinking a number of creatine drinks daily. It will also not enable you to gain muscle by merely taking it alone… you must work out! All creatine does is to assist you work out longer and harder. It is the workouts themselves that offer the real results. Some people believe creatine is really a cure-for all for those things exercise related, but this simply isn’t the situation.