Whether you need to monitor those calories and carry on a diet, or perhaps you just want to get fitter with a bit of exercise, don’t neglect to take your Android phone along. This guide which will get fit with Android covers calories, diets, cooking, heart monitors, fitness trainers, and sports accessories.

We start up our guide with a few general, yet useful apps that you just shouldn’t be without, before starting your health kick — a few them may even turn your phone in a personal trainer (without worrying about huge expense of course). Often just walking or possibly a gentle jog will burn off extra calories, so apps for counting your steps or arranging a course are included and cycling were left out either.

Of course, for most people getting fit means eating better too, so we’ve pulled together some diet apps, counting calorie intake software, and recipe apps therefore you know exactly what is going on with your food and you will learn how to eat more healthily too.


Don’t ignore the other important stuff too like monitoring your pulse rate and other health apps, along with those very important accessories for keeping your phone high, dry and protected when you work out. Let the fitness regime begin!

Our first stop is really a round-up of the greatest fitness apps on Android, to offer an idea of the plethora of possibilities that happen to be open to you plus your fitness device; the Android smartphone. We then examine reviews of specific fitness apps, using a particular focus on trainer apps – yep, it is possible to have a trainer in your pocket just ready to get a workout whenever you are.


The hottest ways of getting into good shape are to go walking or running there are no shortage of Android apps to defend you here. You may also get out your bike for the fun approach to burn calories and tone muscles. There are apps to assist you to count your steps, measure what steps you’ve gone and in many cases some great GPS ones specific to running and walking that may help you find your way or plan training session route beforehand.

Using your Android phone for counting calorie intake and weight-loss is so easy, you wonder how Weight Watchers can nevertheless be in business — the majority of apps cost nothing too and possess great added functions. Not only will these apps exercise calories consumed, they’ve in built food databases, they will let you know how many calories you’ve got left of waking time, and they could monitor your weight-loss and drinking habits.

Or why don’t you try and make your daily diet a little healthier if you can’t want a straightforward calorie app? Apps to get a healthy vegetarian diet or cooking apps that really help you count the calories in dishes you’ve made are easy the way to get fit and healthy.


We haven’t overlooked monitoring your current health with this particular guide either (it is not all about calories and employ). It makes sense to hold an eye on your heartrate, and other medical condition that could affect how hard you can exercise. Remember it is usually a good idea to seek doctor’s advice before beginning any kind of new healthy regime.

So, where’s your Android if you are busy burning the calories? In the case of GPS, and pedometer apps by way of example, you only have to look at your phone together with you in order with the app to figure. And even participating in any other activity, it feels right to take your smartphone along for your ride, whether or not it’s just to be handled by music to help keep you motivated. We consider your best methods of keeping your phone waterproof and also some top accessories and cases offering armbands and keep your phone protected but snug since you work out — some of the greatest ones are even sweat proof which can be a big bonus.

Of course, there are lots of ways to work out and make healthy, but this is often a nice broad range of apps and accessories to obtain off around the right foot. Let us know though, if we’ve overlooked one of your must-have apps for physical fitness.