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Water is not just the main ingredient to have an effective fat reduction, it’s also what we are made from – well at least 60% to 70%.

That’s about sixty-six per cent of our body that’s water.

Water plays a huge role in many body functions that body functions are necessary for reducing your weight.

Water is crucial to your fat reduction for many reasons.  It might help curb your appetite thus making you feel full faster. This means you will eat fewer, consuming fewer calories.

But accusation in court the tip with the iceberg with regards to water and fat loss.

How Water Helps

Glass of Water

Why is water very important in the water and fat loss scheme of things? Well there are various benefits of water for a body beyond just reducing your weight.

Things like kidney function, your gastrointestinal system, temperature and more.

These important body functions need water to be sure they proper correctly. And when methods are operating correctly, it might help aid in your fat reduction.


Kidney Function

By getting the right amount of water you happen to be ensuring that a kidney is working properly.  If the kidneys don’t have sufficient water then this liver needs to step in to aid.

The downside to this is the fact that one from the liver’s functions is that can help burn fat.  So, in the event you don’t have adequate water then your liver is less efficient at helping burn excess unwanted fat.

Digestive System

Water likewise helps with the digestion and absorption of food.  What can this mean for weight reduction?

Well it means in the event you don’t get enough water you won’t obtain the full benefits in the nutrients within the foods you take in.

Additionally, when you don’t get enough water you have the risk of getting constipated.  Water assists excretion of waste from the bowels and kidneys.


Regulates Body Temperature


Water regulates your temperature.  If you don’t have sufficient water your epidermis cannot properly cool you down.  There are claims that drinking ice cold water assists in reducing your weight.


The thought is always that ice cold water creates an increase in burning calories as the body needs to work harder to warm up back to temperature.


This ice-cold water and fat reduction theory however is widely debated.


Nutrient Transportation


Your blood is all about 83% water and blood is the transport system for moving nutrients around in the body.  If you’re dehydrated your blood is thicker, making the body work harder circulation the blood.

Not only is it harder for your system to receive the nutrients in the foods consumed, your oxygen isn’t being circulated as efficiently.

As an effect, your head becomes less active and your system feels fatigued and tired.  This causes it to be harder to secure a good workout and burn calories.


Appetite Suppressant

I know I stated earlier this earlier, but I i would like to reiterate why water and weight-loss are a great pair.

Reducing your cravings and appetite so that you can lose weight is often a critical success factor.

The great thing about using water to curb your appetite is it’s free and readily accessible.  No dependence on over the counter suppressants.  Water is really a natural diet pill.

In fact, Doctor F. Batmanghelidj MD, author of “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” says mostly your “hunger” is your whole body asking for water – not food.


Water Weight Loss

I don’t mean water and fat reduction; I simply mean losing excess water weight.

Water fat reduction is not fat reduction or pounds lost but alternatively shedding water the body is retaining.

If you happen to be feeling bloated and carrying excess water weight, then your best solution is always to drink more water.

That’s right!  Drinking water sends a signal on your body that it’s getting the proper way to obtain water therefore it no longer needs to retain water.

So the ultimate way to lose water weight would be to drink water.